I Just Look Like This 

At an early age I knew that I was capable of many things. I knew that as long as I tried I could accomplish anything. Over the years I only tried to better myself. The directions that I took could only have been made for me, I do not regret my past because it made me the person I am today. My past has lead me to this point of writing this book, and if my future is anything like my past I am sure that I will learn from my mistakes and accept the challenges that lay ahead. This is an introduction to who I am, where I been, and what I was doing along the way.   


Army Life is not my Style: The story of the Junior Enlisted Soldier

This book is highly recommended for future service members also it doesn't matter which branch the future service member selects or which route the future soldier takes to become a soldier in the military either junior enlisted or commissioned officer this book will forever be a valuable cheat sheet to help them get a better understanding prior to visiting the recruiter of what to expect while in the military. This book is in no way an opportunity to put the military, the junior enlisted soldier past, present, and future or any other service member across all branches of service in a negative aspect.

I am not my Spouses Rank: I'm not under contract
16 military spouses were interviewed. The spouses varied in age, gender, length of time as a military spouse. Current spouses, retired spouses, male & females spouses, straight & same sex spouses, young & older spouses. Each spouse experience is different depending on their individual background and branch of service they’ve been apart of. I asked each of them the same exact questions and I got all different answers.


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